Hoggi BINGO EVOLUTION Special Needs Pushchair Size 1


Special Needs Pushchair EXCLUSIVELY HOGGi HOGGiavailable in the UK only from Mobility For You

BINGO Evolution Innovative and modern rehab pushchair.

Cool design.  HOGGI laser cut side covers.

Modern, compact and sporty design.
Multifunctional seat unit.  Adjustment possibilities.

45° tilt in space.
The new construction enables a quick and easy tilt in space of the seat unit up to 45° in steps.

The recline is also easily and quickly variable in 7,5° steps.

High seat comfort thanks to tilt in space and recline.

Central positioned.  Easily operated.
Operating elements of tilt in space and recline are positioned centrally on the backrest and offer an easy and safe handling.

Quick rotation of the seat unit.  Without tools.
According to the individual need of the child, eye contact can be kept or the seat unit is oriented in driving direction.  The weather situation can also necessitate a quick rotation of the seat unit.
You can still profit of the function of tilt in space and recline even if the seat unit is inserted opposite to the driving direction.

Frame suspension system.
The frame suspension system which is four times variable in a comfortable way absorbs shocks from the ground and reduces the risk of spasms.  We offer two suspension systems in two intensities.

Rotation of seat unit.  Frame suspension system.

Seat unit in driving direction.
Release button.
Seat unit against driving direction.
Frame suspension system.
Spring sets in different intensities.

Comfortable release of folding mechanism on push bar.
The release buttons for the innovative folding mechanism are positioned on the push bar, comfortable to reach and easy to release.  The seat unit folds as well.

Extreme compact folding size.
For transportation or car ride only minimal manipulations are necessary to fold and lock your BINGO Evolution The build up is just as easy.

Innovative folding mechanism.  Extreme compact folding size.

Height adjustable push bar.
Compact folding size.
Variations of footplate.
Wheel lock.

Headrest pads.  Trunk supports.  Thigh supports.
The headrest pads (low version), the trunk supports as well as the thigh supports ensure a sporty and filigree optic.  HOGGI offers a wide range of supports for perfect patient-centred care.  All supports are variable in width, depth and angle.

IUS.  Individual upholstery system.  Different upholstery colours.
Customisable upholstery including HOGGI laser cut side covers matching the upholstery colour.

Supports.  Upholstery.  Side covers.

Growth capacity.
BINGO Evolution has a high growth capacity in back height, seat depth, seat width and lower leg length.

Individual adjustability. 
The multifunctional seat unit offers individual adjustment possibilities for your child thanks to a wide range of supports.

Multiple adjustment possibilities.
Huge growth capacity.
Central operating elements.

  1. Release for tilt in space.
  2. Release for recline.
  3. Backrest height adjustment.

BINGO Evolution Accessories

4-point lap belt   Lap belt   Five-point harness   Chest-shoulder harness   Fixation jacket   Buggy board

Sheep skin   Rain cape   Canopy   Sun shade   Winter warmer   Accessories bag

Headrest speakers   Headrest pads for speakers   Grab rail   Therapy tray, transparent, height adjustable   Accessories bag   Foot straps

Hoggi BINGO Evolution Twin Pushchair

The ultimate special needs pushchair for two children who require transportation together.

This special Twin Attachment allows two BINGO Pushchair’s to be connected together.  Pushchair’s can be used together with the twin attachment or split into individual pushchair’s.

Seats can be both forward facing, rear facing or facing each other.

The wheels on the front pushchair are placed in a holding position to enable them to be clear of the rear pushchair’s castors.
It is easy to steer both pushchair’s together.  Direction locks on the front pushchair’s wheels can be engaged to enable more positive steering.

SPEX Wonderseat

Paediatric seating for the BINGO Evolution Special Needs Pushchair

Introducing the latest innovation from the designers of the revolutionary SPEX seating system – the SPEX Wonderseat.  SPEX clinical seating technology as developed originally for wheelchairs is now available with one of the world’s leading rehabilitation pushchairs, the BINGO Evolution.

A special edition of SPEX seating has been carefully developed so therapists can now provide more comfort and superior positioning for young children with complex seating needs with the freedom of a pushchair rather than a wheelchair.

The SPEX Wonderseat provides a solution for paediatrics that’s never been seen before.  For children with positioning needs where a pushchair is the preferred option for the family, the SPEX Wonderseat provides an optimum seating support designed to accommodate even the most challenging requirements!

View the SPEX Wonderseat Brochure Here

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Seat width (cm)18 - 30
Seat depth (cm)16 - 34
Backrest height (cm)45 - 63
Backrest angle (°)Recline 90 - 160 degrees
Tilt angle (°)In driving direction 45 degrees / Opposite driving direction 45 degrees
Lower leg length (cm)16-37
Turning radius (m)1.35
Front castor diameter(rigid / swiveling) 25 / 19 cm
Rear wheel diameter29 cm
Load capacity (kg)Mobility Base 60 kg Seat Unit 50 kg


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