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Box frame construction.CESA, modern, sporty designModern, sporty design.CESA with seat panel.CESA, with seat panel

Children’s Wheelchair EXCLUSIVELY available in the UK only from Mobility For You

Sporty active-wheelchair for kids & adolescents.

CESA – sporty wheelchair for kids & adolescents.

With CESA HOGGI launches a new sporty wheelchair and extends the range of active wheelchairs for kids and adolescents. The box frame construction provides CESA with huge rigidity despite its low weight. Thanks to the special box frame construction seat height, seat angle, wheel base and active degree can be adjusted independently of the chassis.

An expensive and defective calibration/adjustment of wheel fork and wheel track of the rear wheels is prevented completely.

The patented frame concept consists of sparse components and can be adjusted only by one hexagon allen wrench.

Further USP:
The wheel base can be adjusted independently of the active degree with the aid of a slide axis.
In this way the wheel base can be adapted to the seat depth and it is possible to keep a steady footrest angle sovereign of the seat depth.
In addition the weight can be scattered optimally on rear and front wheels – an important feature for energy efficiency and dynamic driving quality.

CESA convinces also with an enormous growth capacity:
• Seat depth up to 10 cm without any application of additional items.
• Seat width up to 2 cm with distance elements.

Next to a high variation of colours and designs CESA offers a wide range of options and accessories.

HOGGI Frame Colours

HOGGI Upholstery Colours

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Seat width (cm)Frame Size 1, 24 - 30 Frame Size 2, 28 - 36 Frame Size 3, 34 - 44
Seat depth (cm)Frame Size 1, 24 - 36 Frame Size 2, 26 - 42 Frame Size 3, 32 - 48
Seat height (cm)Frame Size 1, 36 - 42 Frame Size 2, 37 - 45 Frame Size 3, 41 - 49
Seat angle0 to +12
Backrest height (cm)20, 25, 30, 35
Backrest angle (°)Back, rigid -10 to +10 Back, angle adjustable 78 to 108
Lower leg length (cm)Frame Size 1, 10 - 39 Frame Size 2, 10 - 43 Frame Size 3, 10 - 47
Footrest angle (°)-10 to +10
Max. load (Kg)Frame Size 1, 60 kg Frame Size 2, 80 kg Frame Size 3, 100 kg


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