Küschall CHAMPION SK Active Manual Wheelchair




Sleek, smart styling meets compactness and practicality.  The active rigid wheelchair that folds is now even smaller.

Having the benefit of an everyday wheelchair with such small folded dimensions makes light work of all aspects of travel.  It’s the perfect companion in your busy day to day commuting and essential for any holiday destination.

Evolved from our highly popular Champion, the SK features a folding front frame, the result is a wheelchair that is lightweight, easy to handle and convenient to transport.

Exceptional driving performance, rigidity and quality are also key features, ensuring as well as being practical you can be sure it delivers the strength and durability needed for an active lifestyle.


CONFIGURABLE: smart, practical and with a wide range of options, accessories and colour choices the Champion SK can be configured to suit your exact needs, style and personality.
SMALL DIMENSIONS: Making it a practical choice.
Dimensions folded: Height at rear 280mm Height at front 330mm Length of chair 670mm Width of chair 220mm Dimensions are based on a 400mm x 400mm seat width and depth
EASY FOLDING: Simply fold the main frame, then the backrest and finally tuck in the front frames for compact and easy transportation or travel.
ADJUSTABLE: As well as being small, practical and configurable, this wheelchair is also adjustable to ensure the perfect fit around you.  The centre of gravity, backrest height and backrest angle are just some of the adjustments possible.




Küschall CHAMPION SK Travel Bag

This travel bag is only suitable for the Küschall CHAMPION SK wheelchair with the folding front frame.


The two rear wheels can be attached with straps to the closed travel bag.  The camber axles should be stored within the bag.

Three types of handles allow the bag to be carried in any position needed:
Top holder

For comfortable posture and easy transportation, all straps attached to the bag should be fastened as tightly as possible.

Fasten the cushioned shoulder straps so they fit as tightly to your body as possible to prevent back pain.

Open the bag completely and open all straps for simple packing.  Ensure that the straps inside the bag are also open.

Put the completely folded wheelchair into the bag with the backrest lying on the bottom.  The front wheels must face upwards.

The rear part of the wheelchair with the hinge part of the folding mechanism must be placed at the bottom part of the bag.

Use the central internal straps of the bag to fasten the wheelchair tightly to the bottom of the bag.

If the wheelchair has fixed clothes guards, ensure that the bags separating tabs are placed between the carbon parts and the axle holes to protect the surfaces.

If the wheelchair has removable clothes-guards or mudguards, use the external front pocket with separating tabs to store the side parts to protect the surfaces.

VAT@ 0% on completion of valid exemption form

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Seat width (mm)360 - 460 in increments of 20
Seat depth (mm)340 - 480 in increments of 20
Seat height (mm)front: 450 - 540 rear: 390 - 490 stepless adjustable
Backrest height (mm)300 - 465 in increments of 15
Backrest angle (°)76/80.5/85/89.5/94
Max. safe slope (º)7
Total width (mm)SW + 160
Total length (mm)75, approx 930 85, approx 850
Max. load (Kg)120


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