Invacare ACTION5 RIGID Medium Active Manual Wheelchair


Invacare ACTION5 RIGID Wheelchair

The lightest ACTION chair yet

The perfect fit

The lightest and most active chair of the range is the new ACTION5
RIGID providing excellent drive performance, ideal for individuals looking for a highly customisable chair with an affordable price tag. ACTION5
RIGID is based on the proven and trusted ACTION family with its rigid frame design, precision engineering and wide range of customisable specifications. It’s our most energy efficient Action chair providing almost effortless propelling to give exceptional manoeuvrability.

Make it personal
With the freedom to design the chair around an individual’s personality, there is a variety of frame colours to choose from along with additional colour accents for the axle plates and forks.

Highly configurable
A fixed front frame is available for those wanting a more active look and an even lighter overall product.

To ease transfers and transportation, the swing-away version is available.

There is a wide range of armrests and accessories to choose from, allowing the ACTION5 range to be configured to suit everyone.

On-chair adjustability

Our unique patented technology allows backrest angle adjustments to be made whilst the person remains in the chair, plus it has a built-in scale to allow for a more accurate angle to be set.

In addition, various on-chair adjustments can be made to the ACTION5 :
+ Seat depth + Seat angle Seat height, front and rear + Backrest angle + Backrest height + Length of footrests + Armrest height

Folding Chair
The patented ‘H-Shaped’ horizontal folding mechanism provides an improved level of stability compared to other folding chairs on the market. The self-locking function ensures a secure seat position and makes the chair almost effortless to propel, improving drive performance.

Introducing the
ACTION5 range

Setting a new standard.
Providing a complete solution.

A very robust, lightweight wheelchair with an energy efficient frame design, providing excellent driving performance.

All-in-one solution

From just 10.8kg, the lightweight, ACTION5 RIGID
is ideal for active individuals and first-time wheelchair clients with its quick and easy  setup that can be finely adjusted to suit individual needs.

Interchangeable parts
Adjustability built-in to every chair
Cross-compatibility spares and options
Reduced complexity
Alber power add-on compatible

Available options and accessories

Adjustable centre of gravity and camber
Range of swing-away legrests and legrest options
Range of armrests including a swing-away and removable armrest
Range of adjustable push handles
Wide selection of front castors
Lightweight mudguards

The ACTION5 & ACTION5 RIGID give you the freedom to design a chair to suit your individual personality. There are a wide variety of colour options available and you can use this colour selector to find your perfect combination.


Click here to view the colour selector and find your perfect combination.

Frame colours

Colour accents

VAT @ 0% on completion of valid exemption form

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Seat width (mm)305 / 330 / 355 / 380 / 405 / 430 / 455 / 480 / 505 / 530
Seat depth (mm)350 / 375 / 400 / 425 / 450 / 475 / 500
Seat height (mm)360-535 in steps of 25 Rear seat height: 360-510 in steps of 25
Backrest angle (°)Fixed 90 Or stepless 90 -15 / +15
Backrest height (mm)Fixed 300 / 325 / 350 / 400 / 425 / 450 / 475 / 500 Adjustable 360-400 and 410-490
Total height (mm)701-1108
Max. safe slope (º)7
Max. load (Kg)100 & 130


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