Invacare TDX2 Ultra



TDX2 Ultra

Ultimate Control. Ultimate Comfort

The Invacare TDX2 Ultra is an elite, high performance, centre wheel drive power wheelchair equipped with the advanced Ultra Low Maxx seating system. Designed to be the new benchmark in the complex rehab power positioning arena, the TDX2 Ultra will revolutionise the way you sit with its outstanding manoeuverability, exceptional functionality and extensive range of positioning and support options.

  • Class leading, shear reduction with our ESR Mechanism
  • Achieve the perfect fit with simple and precise adjustability features
  • Maximise comfort and pressure relief with the advanced tilt and recline
  • Excellent drive performance with Stability Lock and SureStep® Technology

Great performance and a stable ride

The TDX2 Ultra wheelbase offers two patented technologies in SureStep® and Stability Lock. Both work together to ensure a smooth, comfortable and stable ride. SureStep allows the castors to lower and extend or lift and retract when obstacles are encountered.

Stability Lock locks the front suspension when the person’s weight shifts forward – critical for those with limited trunk control. These innovative features ensure easy obstacle climbing, smooth downward transitions and allow a person to drive in confidence, regardless of the terrain.

Yes to mobility, no to compromise

With an incredibly tight turning radius, and its Centre Wheel Drive construction, this type of wheelbase provides excellent manoeuverability and an intuitive driving experience, making it the ideal companion for both indoor and outdoor locations.

The TDX2 Ultra wheelbase is the result of a combination of sophisticated engineering, robust construction and powerful motors, making it ideal for driving on challenging surfaces.


Maximum Comfort and Pressure Relief

The Ultra Low Maxx seating system can combine up to 50° tilt and 170° of recline for the ultimate in both comfort and pressure relief. When combined, these greater degrees of tilt and recline can vastly reduce pressure, providing an extra measure of protection for those at higher risk of skin tissue breakdown.

The recline system on the Ultra Low Maxx is integrated with an Extended Shear Reduction (ESR) mechanism which is designed around the way a person moves. Ultra Low Maxx is available with a number of different backrest options that fit into the system. The advanced design of the backrest means that positioning accessories are fitted in the same way whether the person is sitting upright or is fully reclined, regardless of the back in use.

Frame Colours

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Seat width (mm)405 - 610
Seat depth (mm)380 - 585
Backrest height (mm)560 - 660
Footrest angle (°)-5 – 55
Backrest angle (°)60 - 170
Total height (mm)1080 - 1535
Total length (mm)1160
Total width (mm)650
Load capacity (kg)136
Batteries73.5 Ah
Turning radius (m)1.12
Obstacle climbing height (mm)75
Max. safe slope (º)9
Max. speed (km/h)6, 8, 10
Drive distance (km)31


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