SPEX Wonderseat For the BINGO Evolution Special Needs Pushchair

Spex Wonderseat

Paediatric seating for the BINGO Evolution Special Needs Pushchair

A breakthrough in rehabilitative Pushchair seating

Introducing the latest innovation from the designers of the revolutionary SPEX seating system – the SPEX Wonderseat.  SPEX clinical seating technology as developed originally for wheelchairs is now available with one of the world’s leading rehabilitation pushchairs, the BINGO Evolution.

A special edition of SPEX seating has been carefully developed so therapists can now provide more comfort and superior positioning for young children with complex seating needs with the freedom of a pushchair rather than a wheelchair.

The SPEX Wonderseat provides a solution for paediatrics that’s never been seen before.  For children with positioning needs where a pushchair is the preferred option for the family, the SPEX Wonderseat provides an optimum seating support designed to accommodate even the most challenging requirements!

Create clinical solutions with SPEX cushion and back support system

ALLOWANCE FOR HIP/THIGH FLEXION AND PRE-ISCHIAL SUPPORT – A good pelvic foundation is paramount to assist in slowing, or even preventing pelvic and spinal asymmetries.  Therefore, the cushion adjusts to correct or accommodate the child’s pelvic and thigh needs.

SPEX POSITIONING CUSHION BASE – Strategic positioning pads can be added or removed from underneath the cushion to allow for different contours and shapes.  This way we can meet the client’s posture requirements present today; and readjust them in the future.

PELVIC OBLIQUITY BUILD-UP – Pelvic obliquity build-up can be achieved and easily adjusted on the cushion ischial well.  Its adjustable pre-ischial area can be conformed on-the-spot for greater or lesser anti-thrust needs.

CREATE INSTANT SHAPE – Back support shaping allows for accommodation or correction of trunk spinal deformities, that will ultimately be supported through multi-adjustable lateral supports and anterior chest harnesses.

SPEX CONTOURING SYSTEM – Pockets behind the back-foam inner create a modular and adjustable solution for changing the contour to suit different user shapes and posture needs.

ASYMMETRICAL CONTOURING – Back support adjustable shaping can be easily adapted to meet common spinal deformities, such as Scoliosis, Lordosis, Kyphosis.

Rehabilitative care improves with innovative SPEX seating

AXIAL PELVIC SUPPORTS – Multi-adjustable pelvic supports can orientate in width and angle for optimum pelvic control.  These pads are mounted to the quick-release hardware meaning transfers are easy.

SPEX BACK SUPPORT – Comfortable pressure-reducing back support with contouring cell system to permit a personal contour for bony prominences, scoliosis and other asymmetrical back postures.

SPEX SUPERHIGH CUSHION – Specially designed for a young child who has moderate to high positioning requirements.  SPEX Superhigh offers optimal adduction and abduction contours to effectively position the pelvis and legs.  Spex positioning technology allows further adjustment for pelvic obliquity, hip flexion and other clinical requirements.

AXIAL LATERAL TRUNK SUPPORTS – Comfortable lateral supports that are width, depth and multiple angle adjustable.  Patented mechanically rotational system allows the lateral pad to rotate to correctly align to the user’s trunk.  Swing-away hardware make it easy for carers to transfer the child in and out.

FOREARM SUPPORTS – Comfortable, padded forearm supports on quick-release hardware make transfers easy for the carers.

FEET POSITIONING SANDALS – Straps can be fixed in a variety of ways to achieve the most appropriate support for each child.  Independently adjustable to exactly accommodate the optimum foot position.

Adjustable seating – adjustable stroller

COBRA HI-LOW BASE – Cobra height-adjustable indoor base.  The seat easily transfers into the Cobra for feeding and activity times.  Tilt setting can still be adjusted.

FORWARD or REARWARD FACING The seat unit can be easily removed and placed in either the forward or rearward facing position.  The forward position has the benefit of the child being able to see the surrounding environment easier.  In the rearward facing direction, the child can face their parent or carer and is great for the supervisor to maintain eye contact.

SPEX Wonderseat for BINGO Pushchair

A smart-looking pushchair that enables parents to take their child outside and explore!

Adjustable recline, seat tilt & elevating footplate.

COMFI HEAD SUPPORT – Ultimate comfort and positioning for the head with inbuilt lateral and occipital support.  2 styles available: standard lateral and extended lateral.

Superior comfort and style!

With a wide range of coloured seating options to choose from, the SPEX Wonderseat offers a colour to suit any style.  Stand out from the crowd with our Chilli red or look pretty in pink with Calypso.

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