Wonderseat for the BINGO Evolution Special Needs Pushchair


A Breakthrough in Rehabilitative Pushchair Seating

Introducing the latest innovation from the designers of the revolutionary Spex seating system – the Spex Wonderseat. Spex clinical seating technology as developed originally for wheelchairs is now available with one of the world’s leading rehabilitation pushchairs, the BINGO OT.

A special edition of Spex seating has been carefully developed so therapists can now provide more comfort and superior positioning for young children with complex seating needs with the freedom of a pushchair rather than a wheelchair.

The Spex Wonderseat provides a solution for paediatrics that’s never been seen before. For children with positioning needs where a pushchair is the preferred option for the family, the Spex Wonderseat provides an optimum seating support designed to accommodate even the most challenging requirements!

Adjustable Seating – Adjustable Pushchair

Spex Wonderseat combines perfectly with the innovative and modern rehab pushchair – the BINGO OT. The adjustability of both the seating and pushchair systems provides the maximum benefits for children with complex requirements.

Functional Benefits

Forward or Rearward
The seat unit can be easily removed and placed in either the forward or rear facing position. The forward position has the benefit of the child being able to see the surrounding environment easier. In the rearward facing direction, the child can face their parent or carer and is great for the supervisor to maintain eye contact.
Spex SuperHigh Cushion
Specially designed for a young child who has moderate to high positioning requirements. Spex SuperHigh offers optimal adduction and abduction contours to effectively position the pelvis and legs. Spex positioning technology allows further adjustment for pelvic obliquity, hip flexion and other clinical requirements.
Spex Back Support
Comfortable pressure reducing back support with contouring cell system to permit a personal contour for bony prominences, scoliosis and other asymmetrical back postures.
Tray Table
Adjustable in depth, height and angle for correct forearm propping while also giving a great surface for feeding and activities.
Axial Lateral Supports
Comfortable lateral supports that are width, depth and multiple angle adjustable. Patented mechanically rotational system allows the lateral pad to rotate to correctly align to the user’s trunk. Swing-away hardware make it easy for carers to transfer the child in and out. These are available in Broad or Narrow size (Broad pictured).

Forearm Supports
Comfortable padded forearm supports on quick-release hardware to make transfers easy for the carers.
Feet Positioning Sandals
Straps can be fixed in a variety of ways to achieve the most appropriate support for each child. Independently adjustable to exactly accommodate the optimum foot position.
70° of Backrest Recline
70° range of backrest recline to suit the postural needs of the child.
45° of Tilt-in-Space
45° range of tilt-in-space to suit the postural needs of the child.
Durable Pushchair Base
German-made Hoggi pushchair base.

Wonderseat Comfi
Standard Head Support
With standard lateral contouring, for Wonderseat.
Wonderseat Comfi
Extended Head Support
With extended lateral contouring, for Wonderseat.
Wonderseat Thigh
On Axial attachment – mounts on to arm support bracket (pair) behind cushion troughing.
Wonderseat Footplate
60 mm thick, to reduce lower leg length (not to be used with foot positioning sandals).
Wonderseat Foot
Positioning Sandals
May require height kit/s – purchased separately.

Wonderseat Foot
Raiser Blocks
Height kit/raiser blocks for foot positioning sandals (kit of 4).
Wonderseat Chassis
Mount Tray
Mount tray for high dependency equipment suction/oxygen etc.
Wonderseat Cobra Hi-
Low Base
High-Low Indoor Frame with 75 mm castors.
Wonderseat Padded
Footplate Cover
For soft cushioning of the footplate – a great accessory if the child enjoys having bare feet.

Colour selection

Mango – 030
Chilli – 022
Calypso – 028
Ocean – 060
Granite – 090

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