Invacare DELTA Rollator


Invacare DELTA Rollator

Lighter and smoother – wherever you want to go!

The new edition of the Invacare DELTA has been improved to make it lighter and easier to use plus it has some additional features for added convenience.
This lightweight rollator now features a new style of wheel so that its easier to manoeuvre and runs smoothly even over rough surfaces.  It has a handy basket, bag and tray; providing more space to carry items.

Every day use
Whether you’re out for the day or just popping to the shops, the Invacare DELTA now comes with a shopping basket, bag and tray providing additional space so you can carry so much more.  The basket and bag are large enough to carry a variety of items plus the sturdy tray is practical for use indoors or out.

Sturdy, smooth support for longer walks
With easy to use push-to-lock brakes, the DELTA is both comfortable to operate and use.  It is equipped with new wheels that have been tried and tested to withstand the tough demands of everyday use.  In fact our tests* have proven that they are durable and one of the best wheels on the market.


A practical basket to use when out and about.
A sturdy plastic tray to help you around the house.
Also available in Chrome.

*Tested 200000 cycles using 80% of the user weight.



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