Küschall K-SERIES ALUMINIUM Active Manual Wheelchair




With it’s iconic minimalist open frame and lightweight design, the K-SERIES allows you the ability to enjoy everyday activities; whether it’s getting to and from work or pursuing your exciting hobbies, the K-SERIES gives you the freedom to be you.
The new and improved Küschall K-SERIES combines exceptional driving performance, rigidity and lightness with aesthetic appeal.  Designed for the active and independent individual looking for smart sophistication, it’s available in a range of high end frame materials including ALUMINIUM, CARBON and TITANIUM.

The K-SERIES is fully adjustable making this a wheelchair you know will fit to your exact requirements.

Unrivalled quality, rigidity and driving performance ensures your K-SERIES delivers on strength and performance, allowing you to focus on the important things in your active lifestyle.


CONFIGURABLE: It is available in a wide range of seat sizes and seat heights.  Combined with a wide range of options, accessories and colours, the K-SERIES can be tailored to suit your exact needs and personality.
ADJUSTABLE: Adjustments come as standard, so finding your perfect position is guaranteed! Possible Adjustments: Front seat height  Rear seat height Centre of gravity  Backrest height and angle
EASY TRANSPORT: Quick and easy folding with the perfect open frame design ensures effortless car transfers.  Keep independent and on the go!
MATRX BACKRESTS AND CUSHIONS: Our range offers additional posture positioning giving you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of life in an active wheelchair.



VAT @ 0% on completion of valid exemption form

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Please call our customer service team on 0800 3777 869 or email sales@mobilityforyou.co.uk 


Seat width (mm)320 - 500 in increments of 20
Seat depth (mm)350 - 525 in increments of 25
Seat height (mm)front: 450 - 520 rear: 380 - 490 in increments of 10
Backrest height (mm)270 - 480 in increments of 15
Backrest angle (°)74/78/82/86/90
Max. safe slope (º)7
Total width (mm)SW + 170
Total length (mm)75 approx 830-1055 90 approx 760-985
Max. load (Kg)130


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