Invacare TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair


Invacare TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair

Superior safety, stability and a sleek design

The Invacare TDX SP2 boasts durability and ultimate performance in a modern, contemporary style.  Great manoeuvrability indoors and out, with a wide choice of seating for optimum comfort and support makes this remarkable chair ideal for individuals who need full functionality, but do not want to compromise on style. Sitting alongside the TDX SP2NB, it has a higher weight capacity with larger batteries and range ability. Key features include:

  • Enhanced stability
  • Intuitive driving experience
  • LiNX Smart Technology
  • Small turning radius

Enhanced stability
The TDX SP2 is tried, tested and tough.  Offering maximum stability and safety, the Stability Lock function ensures all six wheels stay firmly on the ground on uneven terrain.  The patented SureStep suspension technology enables a smooth ride while negotiating challenging surfaces. With a higher weight capacity and greater driving range, the TDX SP2 enables you to go further.

Intuitive driving experience
Invacare TDX SP2 customers can say “Yes” to mobility and “No” to compromise.  With an incredibly tight turning radius, thanks to its Centre Wheel Drive, this remarkable wheelbase provides excellent manoeuvrability and an intuitive driving experience.

LiNX Smart Technology: Redefining Mobility

Invacare LiNX is our insight inspired control system with advanced technology that provides a superb driving experience and allows professionals to configure and tailor powerchairs quickly and more intuitively.
The smart control system enables programming and maintenance updates to be made wirelessly and in real time, plus it has straightforward access to statistical and diagnostic information, giving complete visibility to professionals.

Touchscreen technology
The REM400 remote has an impressive 3.5” colour touchscreen that requires minimal force to operate.  Bringing modern technology to the powerchair market, this innovative interactive remote can be configured to a clients’ physical and cognitive ability.

Secondary remotes
LiNX offers a selection of secondary remotes for those unable to use a standard remote joystick, thereby maximising their control and independence.  This includes a compact remote, a compact remote with low force operation, an extremity control joystick as a chin control and dual control options.

Built in Bluetooth
The REM400 remote allows individuals to be connected to 3 devices simultaneously and has mouse move functionality.

Features and Options

LiNX G-Trac technology
G-Trac ensures the directions indicated by the control are followed by the chair.
Single sided fork
Minimises the front width of the base with no protruding screws or fork parts.
USB charger
2 x USB 2.0 ports supply up to 1A each to keep devices charged.  Rail mounting feature enables easy access.
DuraWatt motors
Quiet motors with sealed lifetime brushes reduce potential brush tolerance issues.
Black tyres and castors
Black non-marking tyres and castors with the black rim give the chair a stylish modern look.

SureStep and Stability Lock
Allows easy obstacle climbing and guarantees a smooth downward transition.
True centre wheel drive
Allows excellent manoeuvrability in narrow spaces and ensures an intuitive driving experience.
LED lighting system
Attractive, energy saving LED lights can be integrated in a well protected position in the rear shroud.
Seat lifter
Provides easy access to higher objects and the tilt allows relaxation and pressure re-distribution.

Powered fixed pivot tilt option
Allows the seat angle to be repositioned by up to 20°.
Powered tilt-in-space
A maximum seat angle of 30° ensures comfort and safety.
Side mounted legrest
Choice of manual or powered elevating versions.
LNX powered centre mount legrests
Offers an active seating position and enables legs to be positioned at a 90° angle.

Powered recline
Has a high pivot point for natural movement as well as a quick release mechanism for easy folding and transportation.
Telescopic inner frame
A dedicated lower profile inner frame, along with ‘tilt’ and ‘lifter and tilt’ provide an optimised ‘seat to floor’ height.

Invacare Modulite™ seat components are cross compatible across the Invacare powerchair range and partly with the Invacare Rea® family

Shroud and rim insert colours

VAT @ 0% on completion of valid exemption form

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Seat width (mm)Modulite telescopic seat 380 - 530 Max seat 490 - 610
Seat depth (mm)Modulite telescopic seat 410 - 510 Max seat 560 / 600 / 630
Backrest height (mm)Modulite telescopic seat 480, 540, 560 Max seat 570 - 680
Total height (mm)Modulite telescopic seat 1010 - 1170 Max seat 1100 - 1125
Backrest angle (°)Modulite telescopic seat 90 - 120 Max seat 90 - 115
Seat height (mm)Modulite telescopic seat 450 / 475 475 - 775 Max seat 470 / 495
Total width (mm)650
Total length (mm)Modulite telescopic seat 1160 Max seat 1240
Max. load (Kg)180 / 160


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