7 things to consider when choosing a new wheelchair

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At Mobility for You, we have manual and powerchairs available for a wide range of uses. The information below is a general guide about what to consider when choosing your equipment. We also provide very specialist equipment for a range of conditions, especially when there is very little body mobility. But also a range of specialist sports equipment, for example, football wheelchairs, hand-bikes and all-terrain wheelchairs.

To make it easy, this guide is provided within this page and is also available as a download PDF file below.

A buyers guide for wheelchairs and powerchairs

So, what should I consider when choosing a new wheelchair?

New wheelchair: Manual or electric

First things to consider are whether the user’s requirements specifically point towards a powerchair or if it’s a personal preference. Usually, the decision between and manual wheelchair or powerchair is an easy one. Remember that there are kits available which can transform a manual wheelchair into a powerchair.

Self-propel or attendant-propel

If choosing a manual wheelchair, you may wish to wheel yourself along with a ‘self-propel’ wheelchair. These wheelchairs have larger wheels and hand-rims but most have handles for attendants when needed. Attendant-propel wheelchairs have smaller rear wheels. If you would need the best of both options, a self-propel wheelchair would be the best choice.

Equipment dimensions and weight

Bear in mind the physical width, height and weight of the equipment. Wheelchairs come in various sizes and weights. We offer a wide range from ultra-lightweight equipment through to heavier wheelchairs. You may find that there may be a slight compromise on lightweight equipment if choosing equipment with a lot of features and especially folding equipment.

Your measurements

Most equipment is designed for a maximum user weight limit so bear this in mind. We provide new wheelchairs  which are specifically designed for children, teenagers and adults or all shapes and sizes. We will always, where possible, take all measurements into consideration and provide you with the best choices.


Some manual wheelchairs and powerchairs can be quite bulky, so it’s really important that you think about where you are likely to store your equipment at home. Will you be taking your equipment with you in a car? We provide equipment that suits a variety of storage and transport needs. A lot of manual wheelchairs and most powerchairs are rigid which means they don’t fold. A folding wheelchair or powerchair will be easier to fit in the boot of a car and will take up less space at home.


You’ve chosen the best new wheelchair … now let’s make them you. We have a wide range of accessories, from all-weather gear, bags, spoke-guards to ramps etc. We can also customise a lot of equipment with your chosen design – make your equipment stand out.

View our range of wheelchairs accessories

Servicing & maintenance

With our own in-house repair workshop, we don’t send equipment off to 3rd-parties unless absolutely necessary. We have a fleet of loan equipment so that if your wheelchair is in for a service or repair, you are always still mobile. We pride ourselves on our aftercare service where we offer various levels of service packages to suit your needs or one-off standard services.

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We hope this helps with your new wheelchair equipment choice but please remember, at Mobility for You, we’re always here to discuss your requirement in much more detail. If you’re not sure about the right equipment, we are able to offer the best advice. We provide a wide range services and equipment which aren’t listed on our website, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, click here to contact us for more information.